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    10 affirmations for when you’re overworked & undone

    Un•done /ˌənˈdən/: Synonyms: unfulfilled, incomplete, unaccomplished & unfinished

    Happy Monday y’all!  It’s safe to say that as we shift into autumn where days get shorter, semester course loads gets greater and temperatures get cooler, it is much easier to give up when things aren’t going the way you want. However, when you’re overwhelmed, underpaid (usually) and just simply over it, here are some words to keep you going:

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    The big impact of small acts of kindness + 10 simple suggestions under $10


    Happy Sunday Sunday y’all! Let’s talk for a second about small acts of kindness.

    You know that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you’re in the Starbucks line and the person in front of you pays for drink? Or when you’re $1 short at a cash-only place and the person behind you spots you the dollar? Or when you’re struggling in class and someone offers you their neatly printed, super detailed and extremely helpful notes? You know how much that makes your heart skip a beat? A total stranger or someone you know very briefly, just took 10 seconds of their time, to make your entire day? You love that, don’t you? I know I do!

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    How to get back on your workout grind!

    Ugh, I know you’re tired. Well girl I feel ya! Finding the energy to workout after a hectic day, demanding week or a long streak of missing workouts is not easy – but it can be much more fun than you think! Here’s how I start/get back to my workout routine.

    Weight-Loss-Inspiration-From-Instagram-21. Experiment! If you’re like me at all, doing the same workout day in & day out gets soooooooo boring. Not only is it boring, you’re not giving your body the chance to explore new things and push to new limits. So try out many things! Many people will tell you the only way to lose weight is to go to the gym every single day, doing awful workouts that you hate & wear embarrassing colorful spandex. WRONG! There are so many ways to get in a good workout and have fun. One way I pump up my workout dread is by going to Zumba. For those of you who haven’t tried it, you are really missing out. Zumba is a dance fitness aerobic program that uses mainly Latin American and some hip hop songs to get you movin‘ & I love it! Not only do you usually make friends, it’s a great way to sweat it out without feeling like you’re actually working out. Continue Reading

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