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    Day Trip to Norfolk

    Happy Monday, lovely friends. As some of you know, I love going on day trips when I have a little down time. I recently went back to Norfolk, VA and fell in love all over again. I adore trips to this town, the culture and the people, for sure. So, we started with a light lunch + wine at Mermaid Winery. 

    Reasons I love Mermaid Winery:

    1. All lunch specials come with a glass of wine
    2. Opportunity to buy local wines (aka put money back in their community)

    I enjoyed their house Cabernet & a chicken salad sandwich with fries.

    Secondly, we headed over to the mall. Obviously, we had to get Starbucks first, but we found the most amazing deals. Where we shopped:

    1. Kirklands: Extra 25% off clearance items – got two of these lamps for my desk
    2. Bebe: Extra 50% off clearance items
    3. Charming Charlie: Extra 60% off sale jewelry – got 18 pieces of jewelry for $49
    4. Victoria Secret: $5 for $15 sale undies
    5. Francesca’s: BOGO 50% off clearance

    Lastly, we had to stop at my favorite soul food restaurant ever – Sweet Tea’s. Y’all, when I had their food for the first time last year, I knew I would have to come back regularly. Everything is cooked with love and you can feel it down in your soul.

    Well, I’m off to volunteer and run errands today. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday! I encourage you visit these places if you’re ever in the Norfolk, Virginia area <3 As you can see, these pictures were taken from my iPhone, since my camera died. However, the lamps will be photographed in my desk review posts and the earrings will be too ūüôā


    Tips for setting goals + My New Year resolutions

    Happy Wednesday, friends. We are officially 4 days into the new year and I’m just now getting to writing down my new year resolutions.¬†No judgement, please.¬†I have so many personal, academic and blogging goals that I want to achieve this year. On top of goals, I have so many changes that will be happening soon, too. I will graduate college in May, (hopefully) move to a new state soon after and get my first full-time job.¬†Exciting, right?¬†With all that said, I think this is the best time to create goals and resolutions,¬†while I have the time.

    But before I talk about my resolutions, here are my top 3 tips for goal setting:

    1. Be realistic – There is no¬†harm in dreaming big. I am a firm believer that you should challenge yourself to grow each and every day. However, being realistic will set your goals for success from the beginning. For example, you would not set a goal to run a 10k next weekend,¬†if you haven’t run one mile yet. Right? Exactly.¬†
    2. Pen to paper ASAP¬†– I’m convinced that writing down your goals gives you the extra push to really make them happen. I have learned over the past few years¬†that in order¬†to be successful with goal setting, you must¬†hold yourself accountable.¬†Be honest with yourself.
    3. Check-in regularly – So, you’ve set goals. Made sure they were realistic. And wrote them all down…now what? Create a check-in schedule for yourself. You might choose to check-in weekly on your running speed, bi-weekly on your money-saving habits or monthly, on your work sales. No matter how you chose to check-in, just be consistent.

    Now to my goals. For starters, Personal Goals:

    1. Get consistent with working out- Yes, I know. Just like almost everyone else, I have this fitness goal. Between classes, working, interning, volunteering, blogging, taking care of dog, studying for the LSAT, being dedicated to multiple student organizations and attempting to have a social life, fitness falls to the bottom of my list. This year, I really want to dedicate more time to being active at least 3x a week.
    2. Save more –¬†Simple enough. But considering I want to move, and invest more time in my blog, I really want to focus on saving better so I can make these two steps happen.
    3. Read a book per week –¬†So if you haven’t already, you should definitely check out my Reading List. My original goal was to read at least half of these by the end of 2016. Long story short –¬†it didn’t happen.¬†However, I am determined to do better this year by dedicating¬†at least 30 minutes, a night to reading.
    4. Take a dance class –¬†For people who know me, you know that dance was a huge part of my life until sophomore year of college. Not only do I love taking dancing classes, they are a great source of cardio. AKA help with¬†personal goal #1
    5. Be more grateful –¬†For everything. Even things as small as finding a quarter in my pocket. I personally feel that when we become so blessed and have so many great things going on, it becomes easy to forget how important the small details are and how we should still be grateful for them. I am wanting to practice being more grateful by writing in a daily gratitude journal. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for one ūüôā

    Blogging Goals:

    1. Consistency-¬†First step, creating my weekly post schedule. I will now be posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Occasionally, I will post on more than 3x a week, if I enough content for you all. While you’re reading, make sure to¬†subscribe, so you can be the first to know about new posts.
    2. Collaborate –¬†I have seriously loved being part of the blogging community, especially since I completely changed my niche and felt so lost in the beginning. Now that I am more confident in blogging and meeting others, I can’t wait to start collaborating with other bloggers for giveaways and guest posts.
    3. Build followers –¬†I really want to build my Instagram to 10k followers and my subscribers to at least 150 by June. I’m pushing myself to engage more with others and focus on branding, to build my audience. The blog grind is tiring, but SO worth it.
    4. Plan ahead –¬†Let’s just say it is 2:36am and I am still writing this blog post that will go live at 7. Enough said.
    5. Create resources –¬†I love answering questions from my followers. Whether through comments, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or my blog Facebook, I adore getting questions because I know that people are watching. However, I would love to create printable resources that include pictures of my favorite outfits with links and pictures of my home, with links as well. That way, people can keep the resource if they ever want to refer to items I have. I would also love to create a daily planning page for busy fashionistas like myself.¬†

    Well, there you have it. There are my main goals/new year resolutions for 2017. Have some suggestions or great ideas for yourself? Let me know in the comments. Peace, love & sass friends ūüôā

    –xoxo, Azanique <3

    P.S. – I’m hosting an awesome giveaway with Jord. Check out my review + giveaway details here: Jord Giveaway

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    Gift Guide: #GirlBoss Edition

    Gift Guide for the Girl Boss

    Gift Guide for the Girl Boss


    Happy Tuesday, friends! Can you believe that Christmas is now less than a week away? Neither can I.¬†I honestly have not bought one gift yet! Between finals, the crazy weather and holiday traffic,¬†my Christmas shopping motivation has been low.¬†So, if you’re anything like me (super awesome but SO over holiday traffic) and haven’t gotten gifts for the #GirlBoss in your life,¬†look no¬†further.¬†The #GirlBoss in your life can be a friend, family member, co-worker, colleague or someone in passing, but don’t forget about them. Shop my top picks below! Have more suggestions for me? Be sure to let me know in the comments section <3


    Water bottle // Emily Ley Simplified planner // Face Mask // Chapstick  //

    Dagne Dover Laptop purse  // Charging wallet // Like a Boss Coffee mug //

    Rewined candle (Yes, Wine) // Lilly Pulitzer Pens //  Clay Mask //

    Jord Watch // Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success by Steve Harvey // Notebook


    Trust me when I say,¬†all of these items are my Christmas list.¬†I’ve been needing a new laptop purse + a phone charging wallet. A fresh planner is always perfect for the new year and there is always a reason to buy a new face mask. Are you the #GirlBoss in your life?¬†Treat your self.¬†As much as Christmas is about giving, it is always nice to buy yourself a gift for the holidays. May the force be with you as you hustle through holiday crowds. <3

    P.S. – The semester is FINALLY over & I will be posting about 4 times a week now (Total score!) Is there something you want to see on the blog? Comment below or email me: If you love anything on this gift guide, be sure to tweet & tell your friends about it! Click here:

    I got my #GirlBoss gift ideas from! Everything from a laptop purse to a wine… Click To Tweet

    Peace, love & cupcakes, y’all. & whatever you do, do it with¬†Lots of Sass <3