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    The Fearless Award x Style Collective

    Style Collective- Kendra Scott- Color Bar meet-up

    Happy Monday, babes. I am so excited to share this fun post with you. For those of you who have been following me for some time, you know that I have been part of Style Collective since November, which is when I started this blog. I jumped on this opportunity to learn from A M A Z I N G women and network with brands. I can honestly say, it has been the best decision in blogging that I have made. In the past 6 months, I have made so many wonderful friends and shared tons of laughs and wine with these amazing ladies. I am honored to have been nominated for the Fearless Award by the Style Collective HWIC (Head Women In Charge), Annie Spano.

    The Fearless Award is an award for #BOSSBABES who empower other women to do what they love! Style Collective is a platform for female influencers to connect, grow, and learn how to be successful bloggers and entrepreneurs. The Fearless Award is a way to empower and connect with other bloggers/Instagrammers that you want to get to know, affirm a girl boss you’ve always looked up to, share the love around your network, or encourage a new blogger/Instagrammer on her path!

    Fearless Award

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    Gifts for the Hostess

    gifts for the hostess

    Happy Tuesday, sweet friends. I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and that your week is already off to a wonderful start. Today, I am so excited to share a fun gift guide for you! One of the things I absolutely love doing is planning events and meet-ups, but what I love even more is just going to them. For all the party planners out there, am I right? It’s always so fun to get together with your closest friends, grab a drink and just enjoy your time together. However, I never want to forget the large amount of work it takes to put together events, no matter the size, especially for one person to do alone. So, one of the things I started doing not too long ago was picking up a small gift or item for the hostess. Why? Because it’s a really awesome feeling when people appreciate your hard work and also, sometimes as the host, you forget things and don’t have time to grab items last minute. 

    With any gift bags or gift ideas post, I have 3 tips:

    1. Make it personal – Handwritten cards thanking the hostess for putting together this event is such a sweet gesture that they will cherish. Seriously, a “Thank You” can sometimes make someones day, so be the person if you can.
    2. Make it reusable – This is a tip I have always had for giving gifts of any kind. It’s wonderful when someone gives you a gift of your favorite candy or monogrammed styrofoam cups, but, it’s even better to give a gift that someone can use over and over again. And let’s be real, a lot of those weird gifts you get from family that you can’t reuse usually go into the trash or the junk drawer to never be seen again, right? Also, reusable gifts are lovely because everytime the hostess uses your gift, they will remember all the fun times you had together. How sweet is that?
    3. Make is fun – Seriously, most people loving receiving gifts, especially gifts that make them chuckle or smile. So, just like the photo prop below or the margarita notepad, gifts should be a fun thing for the other person to open.

    Photo prop // Koozie // Notepad // Notebook // Card // Cocktail napkins // Bags

    gifts for the hostess Ann page gifts Koozie Confetti card gifts for the hostess gifts for the hostess gifts for the hostess

    So, my first go-to gifts are party favors. How adorable is this photo prop? Props totally aren’t necessary for your party, but they are a fun addition to make the night even more memorable. If you’re feeling really crafty, you could always create a fun photo backdrop on a blank wall/space. Not only are backdrops and photo props very inexpensive, they are one of the items that people tend to forget about. Most host are concerned about food, where guests will sit, parking, etc., so I am sure fun party props would be a fun surprise for any hostess.

    Second, koozies! Who doesn’t love Koozies, I mean seriously? This one is seriously so adorable and would be the perfect surprise gift. Since koozies can be reused over and over again, this is the perfect gift for your friends that love to tailgate or pregame. 

    Next, personalized small gifts. This notepad is my absolutely favorite thing ever! I added a magnet to the back and stuck this on my fridge to use for my grocery list. This fun “Hustle Hard Girl” mini notebook is just as adorable! I mean seriously, I can’t be the only one obsessed with mini notebooks. I keep this one my work desk for motivation to get through the day #NoShame

    So, if you guys ever watch my snapchats or IG stories, you know my heart melts a little when I receive a handwritten note from anyone. I am also a firm believer in letter writing, so if you have time, write your hostess a thank you note/card for all their hard work. I can promise you they will be 110% appreciative that you took the time out to do such a sweet thing.

    Next, cocktail napkins. Do y’all want to know the one thing that most people forget for any type of part or gathering? Napkins, paper towels and hand wipes. I never noticed that until early last year when I went to 3 parties back to back where either people ran out of these items or forgot to ask someone else to get them. I suggest, especially for a fun girls night, to grab a pack of funny cocktail napkins. Not only will everyone love them, but they may be the perfect thing to get conversations rolling. 

    Lastly, I always like to grab a gift that the hostess can use as gifts for their next party. This is where these cute wine bags come in. They are sold in packs of 6, which is perfect! The hostess now has something cute to bring their wine/champagne another time or use as gift bags. Totally a win/win. 

    Well, that’s all that I have for you today friends. Do you have your go-to hostess gifts? If so, let me know in the comments! I would love to hear your ideas <3


    Wine Down with Winc

    For the wine lovers

    This post was sponsored by Winc. As always, all opinions are my own.

    Happy Wednesday, lovely readers. You made it to hump day & you’re one step closer to Friday [throws a mini dance party because the weekend is near]. If you know me, you know that I L O V E wine. There are at least 16 bottles on top of my fridge so I never forget the names of something new, I have a selection of 4+ bottles for guest to choose from when visiting my home and if you’re ever having a dinner party, I’m the person who brings the wine. Safe to say, I’m a bit of a wine lover. So you can only imagine my excitement when I found Winc. A monthly wine subscription service that delivers hand-picked bottles to your door. Not only are you getting wine that you will love, you don’t have to search through the 500+ plus bottles in some of your local grocery stores just to find something new. So, let me tell you how it works.

    1. Create a palette profile – So simple, but so important. Answer 6 straight forward questions about your taste. How do you prefer your coffee? Salt Lover? Yes or no. Do you love those citrus flavors of fruit or not really? Simple enough, right? 
    2. Get your recommendations – Once you complete the questions, you’ll be directed  to a landing page where 4 bottles have been recommended based on the answers to your palette profile questions. The best part is – if you don’t care for the recommendations, feel free to swap out some other bottles until you’ve created the perfect set.
    3. Create your set – Add to your box then wait for it to be delivered. [Score your first Winc box for only $30 by using code “lotsofsass”]

    Once you’ve completed these steps & snagged your first month $22 off with code lotsofsass. Now, you wait. Trust me when I say, the small wait is totally worth it. For my first box, I got matched with and chose these bottles: Wonderful White BlendLa Forza Super Tuscan, Chommie Cabernet Sauvignon and Forma De Vida. And to celebrate spring season, I invited two of my best girlfriends, grabbed the wine & some snacks, and headed out to a picnic in the park. We had the best time conducting our own little wine tasting, chatting about the pairings for each and enjoying a glass (or two or three or four..who’s counting anyway?). Here’s what we agreed on:

    • Wonderful White Blend
      • Our favorite white
      • Snack best paired with: Cupcakes
      • Meal best paired with: Seafood Pasta
    • La Forza Super Tuscan
      • Our favorite red
      • Snack best paired with: Fresh baked brie
      • Meal best paired with: Lemon chicken
    • Chommie Cabernet Sauvignon
      • Most full bodied wine
      • Snack best paired with: Pepperoni and cheese spread
      • Meal best paired with: Potluck roast
    • Forma De Vida
      • Prettiest label
      • Snack best pair with: Pimento cheese and crackers
      • Meal best paired with: Roasted chicken and veggies

    Like you can imagine, we all had a a little bit of a different reaction to each wine, but were able to agree on the above notes. The best part was that since this box comes with multiple wines, there was something for each of us to enjoy. & I can ensure you, we enjoyed our time trying out Winc. Check out our time below 🙂

    For the wine lovers Spring Picnic Winc wine subscription service Winc w Winc wine subscription service Winc wine subscription service Girls who love wine Spring picnic with Winc Chommie Cabernet Toasting-Celebrate-Wine-Winc-SubscriptionService Lets toast best-friends-picnic-winc Winc wine subscription service Winc wine subscription service
    Spring picnic with Winc Fashion blogger

    I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I had so much fun putting this together and enjoying this time with friends, good eats and Winc wines. Don’t forget to use code lotsofsass to receive $22 off of your first month.


    -xoxo, Azanique